Hey, where's the updates?

Daisy's not over, far from it in fact. Off the top of my head, I've got two more books immediately planned, and a bunch more that are just in the abstract. Daisy's just taking a little break while I catch up on some other work (like Bad Karma, you should check it out! It's pay what you want, including free).

I also want to plan the next couple stories out in a bit more detail than the haphazard way I normally do it, so the ramp up time will probably be a bit longer than normal. At the moment, I'm thinking fall of 2021 for the new story launch. In the meantime, I've got 3 books to print: Dreamland Demon, Paranormal Perils, and Bucanneer's Bounty! That's a lot of books! I also want to give this poor old website an overhaul as it was a bit slapdash the first time around and could really use some love.

So don't worry, Daisy will return. Thanks for sticking it out, and if you're not already following me on Instagram or Twitter, you should as that's where the main news updates will be posted.

Buccaneer's Bounty - 71b

Buccaneer's Bounty - 71b

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